kz440 superbike : 15

Since the Ozark Mountain Scramble, I have had a short list of items that need to be addressed other than just getting rid of the rainbow colored body work. My most recent ride reminded me of how annoying it can be to try and ignore them. Weather was good. Scenery was nice. The bike however just needed attention.

The top end jetting was just way too fat, and after 600 hundred plus miles, it was obvious that it won't fix itself. I have dropped two sizes on the secondary mains with good results so far, but not enough miles to confirm that was enough.

The shift lever kept stabbing my foot since it was bent, so I straightened that out so everything is where it should be. Nice and proper now for gear changes.

Rear brake light switch was sticking, so who knows whether people knew if I was stopping or not. I think I have that fixed for now, but will be tracking down a better quality switch to swap out at a later date.

I also have a small oil leak coming from either the shift shaft seal or the countershaft after warmup. I bought both seals, but after pulling the cover it appeared to be from the shift shaft alone. With my cheap seal puller it came out without any fuss.

The shaft itself has some discoloration where the seal rides, but no grooves or low spots are worn.

The new seal slid in nice and easy.

Last but not least on the to do list, the clutch slip. Extremely annoying especially with the previously fat jetting. Any time I have the mixture in the sweet spot, the clutch slips like crazy. I rev hard, and the bike barely moves forward. This is especially evident at higher RPMs. If I accelerate slowly the problem disappears.

The steels are pretty bad. They have some rust etching on all sides, and the friction discs are worn unevenly throughout the stack. The pics don't show the issues well at all. I decided to order up some new steels, friction discs, and springs to see if that would fix the problem.

Here's where I left off. Waiting on parts while we are getting some of the most unseasonably cooler weather I have experienced in July. Perfect for riding, but I'm waiting. Nice.



Dates have been chosen. Time to get a cheap bike together and see if it will manage 3 days of hard riding through the Ozarks.