tt500 build : part 15

Motor is back together.

Time to do work on the frame. I got the welds on the loop nice and smooth. Front tank mounts removed.

Lower triangle gussets tacked.

The cb350 tank just wasn't working out how I had hoped, so I found a decent steel early model xt500 to use instead. Unfortunately the mounts are in a slightly different location for the aluminum tank models. The rear tank mount has been moved forward using part of the old bracket and some 2" flat stock.

Front tank mounts were made with these fancy base mount metric nuts. I sleeved them in some 1/2" tubing and tacked to the frame resembling factory mounts.

Tacked in place.

Mounted up it looks like this.

On to the rear fender mounts. The front mounts are rubber bushings from the help section at the auto parts store. They are sitting on 1/2" tubing stubs.

Then a simple flat stock bracket for the rear mount.

The brake light I got a while back fit the profile of the duckbill just right. I welded it to the inside of the fender, just needs a little bracing to make sure it holds up to the vibrations.

The to do list is getting shorter, just need to do some finish welding on brackets and figure out the seat pan. If I keep at it, this will be my Ozark Mountain Scramble ride for next year.


OMS 2015

This will be the 5th year. Should be a real hootenanny. Go to ozarkmountainscramble.com for more details.


71 xlch : 05

Brake cable guide has been welded on.

Took a few glamor shots. Notice the Cycle Shack pipes I scored for a few bucks shipped. They aren't in perfect condition, but at least they provide some back pressure and noise reduction. The drag pipes were just stoopid loud.

Here's the wiring diagram, but I didn't use fuses for the lights.

Blew the front head gasket last night putting around the neighborhood. I don't think this bike likes me too much. Going to replace that this evening and hopefully work my way into it's good graces.


71 xlch : 04

Almost finished. The bike still needs some tuning, wiring in the lights, and finishing the front brake cable holder. It does run again though, and so far shifts properly.

Brake stay minus cable holder and cable pinch assembly.


71 xlch : 03

Sometimes projects can take a turn that is completely unexpected. For instance, maybe you decide to take the front sprocket off and take a look around. By chance alone, you just happen to notice the mainshaft that should be riding on needle bearings, is in fact riding on thin air. Is it luck that I found it now before hitting the road? Yes. Still sucks though. Enough whining, here's some pics.

Ghost bearings.

Apparently someone previously reinforced the countershaft bearing area. This support is probably the only reason the trans didn't destroy itself.

The mainshaft would bend under load and rub against the bearing race. You can clearly see where the two tried to get frisky.


Fortunately I found an NOS mainshaft for about the same cost as the cheaper aftermarket ones. The bearings, race, seals, etc. added in put the total cost to $186.21 including shipping. Not bad at all.

Going back together.

Jump ahead a bit, and I started to make a battery mount for the YT4B-BS I got off of ebay for less than $20 shipped.

Then a bracket to locate the coil off the top motor mount. Don't mind the wires, they were replaced last night for some at the proper lengths.

I'm wrapping up the front brake anchor and cable setup, then it's on to wiring and adding oil. Yeehaw!


tt500 build : part 14

Trying to keep momentum going, I pulled the tx750 forks apart to replace the seals and clean out the lowers. The internals were some of the cleanest I've come across other than a brand new bike. It's nice for the bike not to fight me for a change.

All of these extra tabs need to go.

Cut a handful of these off.

File them down.

Start sanding out the scratches.

Ready for some light sanding and a good Scotch Brite rubbing.

New seals in and back together. I need to get some new dust boots, but these will do the trick for now.